Rutgers Continuing Education Center at Atrium offers 8 classrooms of varying sizes to hold 18 to 64 attendees, or over 100 for conferences. All suites are located on the first floor.


  • Free and plentiful parking.
  • Private workstations and meeting areas.
  • WiFi access.
  • State-of-the-art AV equipment.
  • Access to cafeteria next door as part of office complex.




Maple Room
102 Maple

30 Attendees

Magnolia Room
103 Magnolia

40 Attendees

Dogwood Room
105 Dogwood

18 Attendees

Red Oak Room, South
107 Red Oak South

60 Attendees

Red Oak Room, North
114 Red Oak North

60 Attendees

Sycamore Room
117 Sycamore

40 Attendees

Mulberry Room
118 Mulberry

40 Attendees

Sequoia Room
120 Sequoia

60 Attendees

Red Oak Room, Combined
Red Oak Multipurpose

(Red Oak North and South combined)
120 Attendees